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virtual online yoga classes

What are the benefits of virtual classes?
Practising virtually gives you an opportunity to participate even if you’re not usually able to come to an in-person class. 

All classes are recorded to allow you to practice the whole class – or parts of the class – again. This helps you go back in time and practice certain techniques.

How do virtual classes work?
All classes are run through a platform called Zoom. This is very easy to use, simply click this link to download to your laptop or tablet: Then you can book into the class(es) of your choice via the booking system (Acuity) on the website:

Once you have booked in, you will receive an email confirmation, which will contain the link required to join the class, along with a meeting ID and password. You will also receive an email and text reminder (if you provide your mobile number) on the day of the class.

What is the timetable?

Hatha Flow – 7.45pm

Pregnancy Yoga – 7pm

Mum & Baby Yoga – 11am

There are also limited slots available for Private / 1-to-1 virtual classes and there will be occasional special classes, such as Yoga Nidra. Please email for details.

How much do classes cost?

Hatha Flow = £6 per class (75 minutes)
Pregnancy Yoga = £8 per class (75 minutes)
Mum & Baby Yoga = £5 per class (60 minutes)
Private class = £40 per class (60 minutes)

Each class is charged per household so if kids or partners (or anyone else on lockdown with you!) wants to join in, they are most welcome. Classes are free for all NHS staff.

NB These are heavily discounted prices compared with in-person classes but if there is hardship, please contact me. 

How does my current class pass work?
Existing class passes are honoured until they expire. All passes have been extended by a month to give you time to adjust to this new way of practising yoga. Unfortunately, after class passes expire, classes cannot be transferred to future in-person classes whether or not you have chosen to practice yoga virtually. 

Your class passes give you access to all virtual classes of the type you have signed up for (i.e. Hatha Flow, Pregnancy Yoga & Mum & Baby Yoga) until your pass expires. Should you be unable to attend a class, your class pass also gives you access to the recorded class so you can watch it back later and practice in your own time. I will do my best to email everyone with the links to the recordings every week but you may need to email me at in case I accidentally leave you off.

Once your regular class pass expires, you can choose to drop-in or buy classes in blocks of 4, as above.

What do I need to practice yoga at home?
You need enough space around you – about a metre is sufficient. Practice on level ground and make sure there are no breakable objects near you. 

One of the great things about yoga is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. However, I would recommend practising on a yoga mat. A mat provides stability, a bit of padding/ stickiness and also creates a physical place for you to retreat to, no matter where you are. If you need a yoga mat, I have some available to sell. Each mat is £5 and can be collected from my house in Fleet (in a non-contact way, of course!)

Try and focus on you and create a space free of disturbances and interruptions. 

Will the virtual classes be recorded?
Yes, all classes will be recorded so that anyone who is unable to attend the class live is able to watch it back afterwards. Please note these recordings take up a lot of storage space so will stay available for one week and will then be removed to make room for new recordings. 

Who can see the live stream?
bendy yoga students – new or existing – who are signed up to the class.

Who can see or hear me when I’m practising via the live stream?
Once the initial welcome has been done and we’ve all said hello to each other, I ask that all microphones are put on mute to reduce any background noise and improve the quality of the recorded class. I also spotlight my video, which means that the video stays on me throughout. No students feature in any recordings. Depending on the number of people who have joined the class, I might not be able to see you all clearly so you may wish to turn your video off. NB in the absence of me being able to see you, you need to really listen to both the verbal cues and your body/energy levels and modify/adjust accordingly. To close, we all come off mute and turn videos on to say goodbye to the group and provide any feedback.

Can I invite my friends and family to join in, even if they don’t live nearby?
Yes! In this bizarre, challenging time of isolation, I’d love to reach a wider audience and share the yoga love. Classes are inclusive and accessible to everyone of all abilities and levels and my hope is that yoga helps us all get through this strange time, as well as giving us a way to stay connected – with ourselves and each other.  

Any other questions, please email