Yoga Nidra for Women

Monday 20 June 7.30pm – Summer Solstice Women’s Circle – FREE event to celebrate the longest day of the year and International Yoga Day.

Yoga Nidra involves a systematic meditation that can help you rest, replenish and deeply relax in a nurturing circle of women. Suitable for women at all life stages, including pregnancy. No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.

yoga nidra women's circle

What to expect from class
We begin by moving through some gentle stretches to prepare the body to lie (or sit) in comfortable stillness. Then we move onto the practice itself, which brings awareness to the body and breath in specific ways to trigger the relaxation response, before gradually bringing the mind back to a waking state. There will be some time afterwards for the group to chat and share. I recommend staying for this part of the class as it fosters the connection and support that is so vital, especially in the aftermath of a socially distanced year. Get yourself a thermos of herbal tea or other drink of choice (or prime someone else in the house to give you after the session!) 

Is Yoga Nidra for me?
Anyone can practise Yoga Nidra – there are no specific techniques or special skills required. It can be practised anytime and is particularly beneficial as an antidote to the busy, stressful times we live in. It’s a wonderfully restorative practice that is excellent if you are feeling run-down or fatigued and/or need some time out to focus on self-care. It is safe to practice in pregnancy and can help you regenerate at all other life stages. When practised regularly, Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to several hours sleep!

* activate the relaxation response
* improve the functioning of your nervous and endocrine systems
* balance left and right brain
* regenerate and repair cells
* decrease anxiety and lift your mood.

“Thank you for a great Nidra session!
It was awesome and just what I needed. You worked your magic, as usual!” ~ Jane