Lunar Yoga for Women

Harness your feminine wisdom by practising yoga with the cycles of the moon.
Tuesdays 7.45pm

Jan/Feb block now available to book!

* Tune into your body’s wisdom
* Work with your feminine cycle (or the moon’s cycle)
* Develop breath awareness & connection
* Learn mindfulness & relaxation techniques
* Improve the quality of your sleep
* Become better able to switch off from the stresses of daily life
* Enhance your inside-out wellness – physical, emotional and energetic.

I am passionate about making sure my classes are accessible and inclusive for all people who identify as women. As such, they are appropriate for all levels and abilities. If you are a complete beginner, you are very welcome to attend general classes. However, you may wish to come to a bendy yoga beginner-specific course so you are familiar with the basics before attending general classes. Find out more about beginners courses here.

We all have physical quirks, particular tension points and maybe injuries. Modifications and adjustments are provided verbally (and physically when we are allowed and if you are happy with them!) to account for all our differences.

Each class is 75 minutes duration.