Mum and Baby Yoga

Wednesdays 11am-12pm in the bendy tent
Drop-ins available so you can try a class before committing to a block.

Your body has just done one of the most amazing things it will ever do: grow another human being. Much of your focus and energy will be understandably on your baby, but remember that you also need to take care of yourself.

Birth is one of the most significant and all-encompassing experiences. Yours may have been complicated or straight-forward. It may have involved no medical intervention or a lot. It may have gone as you had hoped or not gone according to plan at all. You may have laboured for a few hours or a few days. No matter how your birth unfolded, your body needs time to recover and rebuild. Not only that but when you birthed your baby, you also birthed a new identity for yourself as a mother. The transition into motherhood can feel overwhelming

bendy babies Mum & Baby Yoga classes are nurturing, inclusive and supportive. They focus on both your physical and emotional postpartum recovery and are suitable for Mums 6 weeks post-delivery, provided fit and well. Special precautions and considerations required with abdominal complications and Caesarean births. Classes are small and friendly with a maximum of 6 Mums and their pre-crawler babies in each class. 

* Postpartum specific postures with tailored postural adaptations
* Ways to relieve neck/shoulder tension
* Postures to rebuild strength and muscle tone
* Exercises to increase pelvic floor and core stability
* Breath work to lift and revitalise energy levels
* Time to bond with your baby
* An opportunity to meet other mums and share experiences

* Gentle movement to increase comfort from wind/colic/constipation
* Positive touch and rhyme to both stimulate and calm.

FOR YOU – your own yoga equipment (a mat, a flat block or cushion, a blanket and a non-stretchy scarf), plus a full water bottle.
FOR BABY – a blanket for your baby to lie on, a favourite toy or rattle.
No other special equipment is required – you just need to wear comfortable clothes you can move in. They can have baby sick on them – it doesn’t matter!