Beginners Course

NEW 6-week pre-recorded Beginner course
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“Loved, loved, loved the course!” – Faye
“Really lovely class. Was unsure if I would enjoy Yoga but found this class great fun and would love to continue.” – Kim

Beginners often feel intimidated by the thought of attending a general yoga class. They may have lots of worries….What if everyone else can stand on their heads? What if I can’t keep up? What if I forget to breathe? What if I have to be fluent in Sanskrit to understand anything the teacher says? What if I accidentally fart?!

All of these concerns are completely understandable which is why this course was made especially for beginners. The course introduces you to all aspects of yoga in friendly and relaxed classes, where you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone else is a rookie just like you. 

During the course, you will learn how to connect to your body and breath and move with more awareness in order to improve your flexibility and strength and your overall well-being.

You will learn some key beginners’ poses including standing poses, forward and back bends, twists, a sun salutation and simple inversions. The course will also cover the importance of alignment, how to move towards experiencing ease and stability in the postures and the effect of your breath on your practice.

Yoga is for everybody – all shapes, all sizes, all levels of fitness and flexibility. You don’t need to have toe-touching ability or be able to twist into pretzel shapes! Questions and interactivity are encouraged so you complete the course feeling confident and ready to attend regular yoga classes.

£40 for 4 weeks, including full recordings of the classes to keep
Each class 90 minutes duration