Life is hectic. We all live in the fast lane being Busy (with a capital ‘B’ because that’s how important Busy thinks it is.) I, too, can find myself running around like a blue-arsed fly* managing a seemingly endless to-do list, catering to the whims of my children and juggling balls (figurative ones, obviously.)

Like everyone, I am a work in progress.

These days Busy wants to be worn like a badge of honour. I have allowed Busy to hustle its way to the top of my priorities and worn the Busy badge way too many times but, ever-so-slowly, I have come to understand that, although being busy is inevitable, I do not need to be ruled by it. For me, this is where yoga comes in.

Yoga is so much more than a series of funny poses that contort your body into various instagram-able photos. Yoga works on a more emotional and spiritual level to create space, clarity and greater connection to yourself and the world around you.

Given most people are not able to retreat from their lives to escape their Busy, arguably, we need to learn how to retreat in a much smaller way.

Just taking time out for just 5 minutes a day can work wonders for your headspace. And, naturally, given yoga was designed to prepare the body for stillness and meditation, practising yoga can also help to banish Busy, even if only for an hour a week.

I love that yoga helps me deal with the demands Busy places on my life. Even better that it comes with the added bonus of also improving my physical strength and flexibility. If you’re finding yourself being led astray by Busy more often than you’d like, perhaps you could roll out a mat and have a go too.

Just bending, breathing and being is a lot more fulfilling than Busy would ever lead you to believe.

Namaste, Tamsin x

*Basically means ‘buzzing around like a fly going crazy over sheep poo.’ We have the Aussies to thank for this insightful expression apparently.